Save time with Multi-Tenancy for Co-Working

Provide flexible workspaces that tenants actually want to use.
Build collaborative communities while streamlining operations
with Acall’s Multi-Tenancy.

Automate and customize your co-working space with Acall

Empower each tenant with tailored solutions while ensuring
efficiency and harmony across the entire workspace.
One automated reception for multiple tenants

Streamlines guest registration, enhancing efficiency and
convenience for multiple tenants.

Set usage charges and generate billing reports to tenants

Tailor billings processes to the specific needs and
preferences of individual tenants.

Save cost with automated centralized facility management

Optimize resource utilization across multiple tenants and
save on unnecessary expenses.

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Maximize your Co-Working Administration processes

More centralized management, less administrative effort with Acall.

Simply manage shared offices with a few taps

Uncomplicate coworking. With Acall, overseeing shared spaces becomes effortless, allowing you to manage multiple tenants and their requirements seamlessly with just a few taps.

Comfortably manage shared meeting rooms

Monitoring shared rooms for multiple tenants can be complicated. Acall centralizes room records and visualizes them on the dashboard for optimal space usage.

Complete visitor check-ins in seconds via automated process

Say goodbye to lengthy check-ins. Acall's automation expedites the visitor signup process, enabling guests to check in swiftly and focus on what they came for.

Help your tenants make an excellent first impression

Set the stage for success. Acall's elegant reception menu and efficient processes not only ease management but also reflect positively on your tenants, enhancing their professional image.

Everything you need to support
dynamic coworking place is right here

Customized visitor experience

Craft tailored check-in flows fordiverse guest purposes

Instant host notifications

Alert hosts on guest arrivals automatically

Automated invitation email

Send instant invitation emails with QR codes

Comprehensive visitor log

Digitally track all property visitors for compliance

Seamless iPad check-in

Streamline verification process for guests only with an iPad

Security integrations

Integrate with entry pass printing, access gates and more

Integrate with the most crucial workplace tools


See how we helped
 Hankyu Hanshin Properties

Leveraging Acall's smart visitor management system, Hankyu Hanshin managed to implement a more secure system, yet retain a welcoming attitude towards visitors.

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