Acall Desktop for Workplace Excellence

Enjoy the next level of efficient workplace management with Acall Desktop. Embrace boundless connection as employees check-in, book rooms, and reserve desks from their devices, fostering real-time coordination and productivity.

Unleash streamlined workforce coordination

Facilitate seamless attendance management anywhere, anytime

With Acall Desktop, you can effortlessly handle attendance from anywhere, at any time. Our user-friendly interface ensures that tracking attendance becomes a seamless task.
Attendance Management

Achieve peak efficiency based on employee working status

Acall empowers you to achieve peak efficiency through real-time information about your team’s status. It’s a way to align tasks, meetings, optimize schedules and enhance collaboration to ensure optimal productivity.

Encourage team collaboration with advanced working hour scheduling

Acall's working hour scheduling encourages efficient teamwork, ensuring every hour is utilized to its fullest. Experience a workplace where collaboration is intuitive, streamlined, and empowering.

Enhance work experience through valued feedback

Acall Desktop is more than a workplace interface; it’s a platform for your feedback. Acall enables users to share their thoughts on the working environment, enhancing workplace safety and productivity.

Enhance team productivity regardless of locations

Facilitate your employee’s collaboration regardless of where they are

Hot desking

Offer flexible desk check-ins to maximize productivity

Real-time floor occupancy

Interactive floor interface for easy desk booking and office navigation

Meeting room booking

Maximize meeting space usage with smart booking management

Access control integration

Improve office security with enhanced gate check-in

Visitor management system

Automate guest registration with QR codes and smart pass


Offer customized solutions for multi-tenant property owners

Introduce the new standard of boundless collaboration

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