Secure Gate Check-in Management

Streamline your office access to create a secure, frictionless environment. Automate attendance tracking and gain data-driven insights with Acall’s Gate Check-In.

Elevate your check-in
experience with an automated solution

Merge sophistication with efficiency, offering every individual
a smooth and personalized entry experience.
Automated guests and employee check-in process

Simplify the check-in processes for all and reduce the
hassle of manually managing gate security.

Extend seamless visitor experience with gate integration

Improve visitor satisfaction using smart authentication methods like QR code & admission cards, eliminating manual data entry.

Record entry/exit history automatically

Accurately log entry/exit records, providing essential data for
security, tracking, and compliance purposes.


Simplify your workplace management right from the doorstep

Acall's Gate Check-In streamlines office access for secure attendance tracking and insights.

Save your team’s time with an automated guest check-in process

No more queues or delays. Acall's automated guest check-in process ensures a seamless and efficient experience for your visitors, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.
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Manage access with confidence by setting office entry standards

Take control of security. Customize entry criteria to fit your organization's needs, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access, enhancing overall safety.

Complete visitor check-ins in seconds via an automated process

Streamline the check-in process. Acall's automated process makes visitor registration quick and hassle-free, leaving a positive impression on your guests.
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Help your tenants make an excellent first impression

Elevate your coworking tenant's experience. A smooth, automated, and branded check-in process reflects positively on your company, setting a welcoming tone right from the start.

Everything you need to for a complete gate security solution is right here

Sleek check-in

Streamline arrivals with an intuitive tablet check-in process

Comprehensive visitor log

Digitally track all property visitors for compliance

Instant host notification

Hosts are notified via chat tools, reducing waiting time for visitors

Easy integration

Seamlessly integrate with diverse security systems

Entrance passes

Print passes for guest check-in using information from the appointment

Analytics and reporting

Gain insights, export data, and track visitor patterns

Connect with the tools you rely on

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Discover how RD SUPPORT Co,.LTD revolutionized their gate check-ins with Acall

RD SUPPORT Co., LTD. offers specialized human resource services in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and biotech/healthcare industries. In 2016, they were one of the pioneering companies in the field to introduce hybrid work, incorporating remote work and full-flex systems. Acall has been instrumental in RD Support Co., LTD.’s transformation into a leading hybrid workplace.

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