Smart Real-Time Floor Occupancy

Gain visibility into how your space is truly being used. Make data-driven decisions to optimize resources with Acall’s Real-Time Floor Occupancy.

Optimize space usage in an intuitive way

Unveil the new smart space management. Make informed decisions, ensuring every inch of your space is utilized
Recognizable seat booking with face icons on live map

Employees can see where everyone is on the map with face icons,
thus reserving a seat that suits their work plan for the day.

Manage bookings throughout the day with timeline view

Enable employees to choose seats for collaboration, intuitively
view availability and occupancy by dragging the time duration bar.

Utilize your own current floor map with Acall

Simply upload your existing floor plans to Acall's system, making booking simple for everyone.


Operate with ease using
the most adaptable management system

Acall helps your employees to instantly find their favorite spots, ensuring a successful workday ahead.

Track real-time seat usage and plan ahead with floor plan timeline view

Stay a step ahead. With Acall's real-time seat tracking, you can instantly view floor occupancy, ensuring optimum utilization and helping in effective future planning with a visual timeline.
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Quick and accessible navigation for guests and new employees

Never at a lost where your team members have checked in. Effortlessly locate them by real-time floor map with their icons or search function.

Always up-to-date seating chart that adapts to any changes

Change is constant, and we keep up. Acall's seating charts dynamically adapt to any shift, ensuring you have the most recent and accurate view of your floor plan at all times.
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Address seating concerns with structured workspace hierarchy

Manage with ease. Our comprehensive management system provides a bird's-eye view of all seating matters, empowering you to swiftly address and rectify any concerns.

Everything you need for effective plan mapping
is right here

Permanent desk

Assign permanent seats to employees when they are on-site

Space usage analytics

Analyze workspace utilization for data-driven decision-making


Mark specific areas where teammates may sit together

Acall Mobile App

Manage and book seats from anywhere with Acall Mobile

Spot check-in

Reserve your spot with physical QR code for faster check-in

Color indicators

Easily find available spaces via color-coded indicators

Enhance workplace excellence across all touchpoint


Learn how Kanmo Group improves desk booking with Acall

Kanmo Group is a leading retail partner in Indonesia and caters to tens of thousands of customers every month through their omnichannel operations. In March 2023, when they faced a shortage of desks for their employees, Kanmo Group opted for Acall's powerful management system.

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