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Hankyu Hanshim GVH5

Hankyu Hanshin: Building a thriving community hub

GVH#5, a members-only workplace operated by Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. in the Umeda area of Osaka, provides an ideal workplace for startups based in the Kansai region and functions as a community where they can meet business partners. We asked them how they use Acall at GVH #5, which provides services closely tied to its member companies.

  • At GVH#5, a workspace for startups operated by Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp., Acall’s visitor check-in application “Acall Reception” has been introduced at the entrance. What was the reason for starting to use Acall?

In the past, we had an open reception area with the entrance door left open, where our resident staff handled visitors and deliveries. Later, considering the security of the facility, we decided to switch to a closed operation. If the entrance doors are closed, there will be a need to connect the outside with the inside. Therefore, we considered installing a reception system.

I was impressed by the wide variety of notifications and the ability to link extensions in Aall’s service. We do not use extension phones in our current operation, but considering that we may need them in the future, I think it is better to have as many options as possible. It is also attractive that we can customize the system to make it easier for tenants to use.

  • What changes have you seen before and after introducing Acall?

After we started to close the entrance doors, it looked somewhat lonely for a workplace. However, after installing iPads and using Acall Reception to handle the reception, we have a more welcoming attitude and a stylish sense of hospitality. It has improved the value of the facility.

The most significant difference may be in handling deliveries. We used to have trouble handling deliveries when our staff was working remotely or when the doors were closed, but now it’s much easier to operate.

Hankyu Hanshin GVH5 Reception

In the past, when a delivery person came, the receptionist would ask for the company’s name to which the delivery was for, and the staff would contact the resident company. However, now that Acall Reception sends notifications directly to the tenant companies, the tenants can make their own decisions and handle deliveries themselves.

  • How do the tenant companies use Acall?

When I installed Acall Reception at the entrance, we received many compliments, like, “Wow! It’s so cool!” Especially the users who receive a lot of packages seem to pay attention to it.

The customizability of Acall’s service is one of its most attractive features, so I would like to work with Acall’s customer success staff to make the service more user-friendly and flexible for tenants.

  • What features do you find helpful as a workplace manager?

In the menu settings of Acall Reception, you can set various buttons, but sometimes visitors don’t know which button to press. We made a button that says, “Without Appointments (Call a Receptionist).” Since we use Facetime integration, we can see the person’s face and confirm their reason for the visit, which is an excellent feature for security reasons.

Hankyu Hanshin GVH5 Ofifce
  • Lastly, what are some of the key points that you have focused on in creating the workplace?

We run a workplace in Umeda, Osaka, specializing in growth-oriented startups. Still, we try to make it not just a temporary place but also a community. 

Rather than welcoming many new people, we aim to create a place where people who need it can use it safely 24 hours a day. 

Organizing this workplace may have some elements of urban development, like graduates can feel free to visit us and say Hi.

It was a pleasure to hear about your commitment to creating a safe and comfortable workspace for your tenants. Thank you very much for sharing your story.

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