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8 Approaches On How To Improve Employee Engagement For Managers

One efficient way to measure how happy your employees are overall is to look at their engagement. Improving organizational culture is key to increasing employee engagement because it makes workers happy and motivated to come to work. Yet, this is rather easier said than done, especially in SEA working environments like Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc., where many businesses haven’t established clear guidelines to approach employee engagement. 

We can raise employee engagement in a variety of ways. Certain ways prioritize short-term, rapid wins for your staff and company, while others are more long-term in nature. You can find out eight approaches to know how to improve employee engagement in this article.

Defining Employee Engagement

Employee engagement relates to how much workers are emotionally committed to their jobs and the objectives of the organization. When workers feel appreciated and involved in both their jobs and the organization, it is clear that the workplace is healthy and thriving. 

Considering how to improve employee engagement is essential to a business’s productivity. Employees may lose motivation to finish work and reach objectives if they see neglect or believe that their employer doesn’t value them. Successful companies provide a wide range of benefits and activities to their staff, from flexible work schedules to company trips.

Key Indicators of Engaged Employees

There are various other indicators that we can look at to find out how involved workers are in their work, but in this post, we’ll concentrate on these six key signs of high engagement and how they might impact your business. They are:

  • Meaningful work

When workers feel fulfilled and have a purpose in their work, they are engaged in meaningful employment. Individuals who have a strong passion are able to make the connection between their work and the success of the company. They will perform better and be more engaged in their work if they have this sense of purpose.

  • Positive relationships
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It refers to the value of having social unity and having pleasant relationships at work. Both your hiring procedure and your turnover rates will demonstrate how well your business engages its workforce. Workers who feel appreciated and motivated in their profession are frequently excellent brand ambassadors, sharing their positive experiences with others. 

  • Appreciation and gratitude

They are essential for motivating and making people feel important. It makes them believe their work is valuable and that their personal contribution to the company’s success is significant.

  • Development

The ability of employees to pick up new abilities and acquire new roles is the main focus of development. It will give them a greater sense of purpose in their work, increase their desire to grow professionally, and streamline procedures. 

  • Trust

Engaged workers believe their bosses are working hard to create success in the future. Additionally, they feel important and that superiors value their opinions. 

  • Work-life balance

It means employees can successfully manage both their private and public lives. Employee engagement will rise when an employer shows concern for their overall well-being by offering assistance and work-life balance initiatives.  

8 Approaches to Enhance Employee Engagement

Finding innovative approaches to raise employee engagement is essential to fostering better working relationships and general job satisfaction. These eight tactics offer a thorough how-to for accomplishing that objective. 

Transparent Communication: Open and Honest Dialogues

Increasing employee engagement requires managers and staff to communicate openly. It not only makes the workplace more welcoming, but it also fosters mutual respect and understanding between coworkers. 

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Building openness and trust between leaders and team members will boost employee engagement. You should take into account the feedback from team members while making modifications.

Recognition and Appreciation

One of the most important aspects of any workplace is encouraging positive recognition. It is appreciated for a person to receive prompt recognition or a reward for their excellent work. 

All you have to do is recognize the ways in which their performance, behaviors, and activities have contributed to the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. Recognizing employees raises their performance standards.

Professional Development Opportunities

To learn how to improve employee engagement, you should encourage your staff to seek out new opportunities that utilize their skill set and to take on personal projects that they have been meaning to do.

It is inspiring to allow staff members to grow professionally or pick up new skills. These could be courses leading to professional certification, mentorship programs, or training sessions.

Additionally, managers should learn to consider themselves as mentors and coaches who offer assistance, encouragement, and helpful criticism to their staff. A crucial first step in establishing the correct tone is encouraging managers to participate in new hire onboarding meetings.

Work-Life Balance

Since people have lives outside the workplace, employers must understand how important a healthy work-life balance is to their team members’ happiness and well-being. If you provide your staff with the best care possible, they will elevate your company to new heights.

It is essential to apply a workplace management solution to support flexible schedules. Giving individuals who seek work-life balance more vacation time or flexible work schedules can be a potent motivator. Employees who have optional work schedules are more likely to be engaged and satisfied at work because they can better manage their personal and professional obligations.

Team Building and Collaboration

Collaboration may be a very effective strategy to raise employee engagement and produce better results for your company. You should encourage staff members from different teams or departments to collaborate on assignments or projects. This can promote collaboration.

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It is interesting to organize team-building exercises or trips that help workers get to know one another and collaborate in a more laid-back environment. 

Empowerment and Autonomy

Employees will feel supported and appreciated if they are included in decision-making processes and their opinions are solicited. This will help promote a transparent and trustworthy culture. Employee engagement can therefore be greatly raised.

Employers must gather information from employee engagement surveys in order to assess future efforts and determine what demands of the workforce should be met. It also guarantees that the information gathered is applicable and useful. 

Inclusive Work Culture

In order to make workers feel inspired and passionate about their work, employee engagement places a strong emphasis on developing a favorable workplace culture. Employees who are engaged approach their work with optimism and take proactive steps to further the organization’s goals and reputation.  

Regardless of the structure of the organization, it is preferable to uphold a certain degree of impartiality and equality, where each person perceives their significance to the community.

Aligning Individual Goals with Organizational Objectives

When there are company objectives that they can support and a mission that motivates them, employees are more engaged. Make a brief list of the company’s values and a mission statement first, then teach these principles to every employee. 

Empowering your staff about the importance of their work is one way to guarantee this. Tell them how it’s assisting in accomplishing the business goals of the corporation. In other words, companies should give their workers a sense of importance.


For any business, employee engagement is a critical element. When implemented effectively, it can bring about a great deal of benefits for the company. Organizations can foster a successful work environment by adopting a comprehensive staff development approach and considering the larger picture. 

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