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SmartHR: Elevating visitor experience with an automated reception

SmartHR, a company that provides “SmartHR,” cloud-based software that makes HR and personnel labor management easy, changed its conference room and reception system when the company relocated due to its rapid growth.

Acall has a very modern UI. Our president said, “It’s so cool!”

  • What made you reconsider your office systems, including the reception desk?

The reason was the relocation of our office. The basic functions of the reception system we had before were very similar to Acall Reception, and Slack integration was essential for us. However, the management function was complex. When we compared the functions with the previous system, we found that Acall had more features, so we were not afraid to switch.

Also, since it was the time when the company was expanding, we checked the pricing plan. Other companies set their fees based on the number of devices. Acall’s pricing based on the number of users rather than the number of devices seems more considerate regarding where to provide value.

SmartHR reception menu

  • What was your impression of Acall when you first considered it?

First of all, from an administrator’s point of view, compared to other companies, Acall has a very modern UI for users to use. When our president saw Acall in the reception area after the relocation, he said, “This is so cool!”

There are modern systems made overseas, but Acall is a Japanese company, which means we can get better support. We were on a tight schedule just before the relocation, but you responded quickly and were very helpful. We started considering replacing the system late, so in the worst-case scenario, we could have prepared the reception desk later. Still, since it is the company’s face, we wanted to do it at the same time as the relocation.

  • You started using Acall at the same time as your relocation. Did the introduction go smoothly?
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I was able to set up the system with just a few clicks of buttons. It required minimal effort on the part of the administrator, which was very helpful. Also, it is easy to import CSV files when registering additional employees.

Entrance of SmartHR

I want to emphasize the importance of relieving small stresses.

  • Did anything change after the introduction of Acall?

The subject that I had been working on has become much more manageable. The UI is easy to understand, and there is less confusion. I enjoy using the Acall Meeting Room Booking Management function, which allows me to see the usage status of the conference room on the spot. Of course, I can check it by opening my PC, but I want to eliminate such small stresses.

It’s all about creating a stress-free environment.

In the past, we spent many hours on the first reception response. However, we have saved a lot of time with the introduction of Acall’s Visitor Management and Slack integration. It notifies the people of the necessary information, and the person in charge can directly take care of the reception. In addition, we have many meeting rooms, and it used to take a long time to search which meeting room was available at which time, but now it is listed on Acall’s meeting room status screen, which is very helpful for us to check the vacant rooms on short notice.

Meeting room with emoji name

I was able to link them together without any stress.

  • What do you like most about Acall?

We are using it in linkage with G-Suite and Slack, and I think it is an excellent point that we can seamlessly link Acall with various systems. It was effortless to set up G-Suite linkage during the initial implementation. Even if a product talks about easy integrations, there are still multiple settings that we need to configure manually, which is a painstaking task for me as someone who introduces various tools daily.

  • Please let us know if you have any expectations for Acall in the future.
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I’d be even happier if it were easier to manage the connection between Slack and Acall! Also, there are some features of Acall that I haven’t tried yet. I want to utilize the conference room function more in the future.

  • Earlier, you mentioned that you want to focus on eliminating small stresses. As well as talking about the current system in the building, your blog post on how a corporate engineer improved the visitor system became a hot topic.

SmartHR’s corporate engineers are here to solve everyone’s problems and hassles within the company through engineering.

The visitor operation in the relocated office has become much cleaner with Acall. However, the access control system provided by the building we are moving into was a little difficult to use, so we created a system that can be completed via Slack.

I’ve heard that there have been cases where entire buildings have been linked to Acall, so it would be great if this building could also notify the person in charge when a visitor passes through the gate.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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