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Top 15 Office Desk Booking System In 2024

The days of having a fixed office and having staff members work nine to five every day of the week are over. Welcome to the age of hybrid remote work. In the office, hybrid models are currently more prevalent than full-time models. Thanks to hot desk booking software, hybrid office management is made easier, from simply scheduling meeting spaces and desks to ensuring the proper individuals arrive on time to foster the best possible teamwork.

With the rise of flexible scheduling and hybrid work patterns, businesses of all sizes must ensure they have the best desk booking tool. We’ll look at the top office desk booking system on the market right now to keep your company busy and flexible.

Criteria For Choosing An Office Desk Booking System That Matches Your Business


The ideal desk-booking software can adapt to changing business needs since it is versatile and provides a wide range of reservation options. Employees should be able to easily schedule any kind of workplace, including meeting and conference rooms, with desk-booking software that is straightforward to use. 

For example, your company might profit from a solution that provides desk hoteling in addition to hot desks. While desk hoteling is a more upscale office desk booking system that facilitates reservations, hot-desking permits workplaces to be utilized as needed. It could be a good idea to divide the office into zones, or “neighborhoods,” and establish distinct reservation procedures for each.  


A company with many part-time, remote, or full-time workers may have open workstations, agile workspaces, or several desks. Due to this, to effectively arrange and maintain workspaces, you might need special hot desk management applications that can satisfy all of your needs and specifications. The ability of the vendor to tailor the system to your unique requirements is crucial when picking a solution provider.

Ease of use

It is necessary to make sure the office desk booking system you employ is user-friendly. Even in the best of circumstances, implementing technology may be a hassle, particularly when educating employees in remote and hybrid environments. Make sure that anyone can easily operate your desk booking system.


When thinking about purchasing new business software, system integration is frequently disregarded. Nevertheless, without it, your company’s production, efficiency, and expansion prospects would be jeopardized. 

If fantastic new software that delivers the newest technology cannot be easily integrated with current systems, it may need significant financial and human resources. So, you need to seek out desk-booking software that is compatible with the devices you already have.


A one-size-fits-all price strategy for desk booking software is not appropriate; instead, it should consider your company’s size and demands. For instance, if your company is expanding quickly, you may need more features that you couldn’t afford when your company was first starting. 

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Top 15 Office Desk Booking Systems In 2024

Hot desk scheduling software facilitates the management of hybrid work environments, ranging from simple desk and meeting room reservations to guaranteeing that the right individuals arrive on time for maximum teamwork.

If you’d like more options to think about, there are 15 more desk booking systems listed below:


One of the best systems for desk booking management is Acall, with its advanced features. Acall prioritize the user experience, thus the system’s interface is designed to be as friendly as possible, ensuring the minimal training time. Moreover, users can book their place on different devices, be it tablet, PC or a mobile.

Moreover, Acall offers insightful data on reservation history, entry/exit records, and desk usage, helping admins to easily track and allocate resource efficiently.


By eliminating wasted space and assisting you in making the most of your meeting spaces, Envoy Desks simplifies the process of reserving a workspace for employees. Employees have the option to reserve desks in team-designated areas or sit close to colleagues. They can easily locate others’ positions on a map, which shows profile photos.


RobinPowered is a platform that provides workplace management solutions for hybrid work environments. It offers features such as desk booking, room scheduling, workplace analytics, and resource suggestions The platform aims to streamline office workflows and improve office coordination by automating tasks and providing analytics .

RobinPowered helps organizations manage their offices, design workspaces with intention, and optimize spaces for cost-efficiency and productivity The platform is designed to empower people to do great work and foster a sense of community in the workplace


Skedda is a leading hybrid workplace experience platform that offers workplace management software for booking, scheduling, and office space management. It is used by over 12,000 customers and nearly two million users, including companies like Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Harvard University, and Krispy Kreme. Skedda provides world-class space management that integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, allowing users to create a delightful experience for their teams.

It offers features such as desk and meeting room logistics, visitor management, and workplace experience enhancement Skedda is known for its excellent customer support and has received 5-star ratings on major review sites The platform offers three packages: Core, Pro, and Premium, with pricing based on the number of bookable spaces and other paid platform features.


Clearooms is a software solution that provides a room and desk booking system for organizations. It allows users to easily manage meeting room and hot desk bookings, providing flexibility and control over the workspace. The software is designed to adapt to the changing needs of organizations, whether big or small, and offers fair pricing based on the number of desks and rooms needed.

Clearooms offers a simple and intuitive interface for scheduling and managing bookings. It can be set up quickly, allowing organizations to be up and running in minutes. The software also provides features for managing meeting rooms, such as wall consoles and integration with Office 365/Active Directory or G-Suite for clear visibility and control of meeting rooms.

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Tribeloo is a user-friendly solution for booking hot desks that provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage a hybrid workplace and bring employees back together. With Tribeloo, employees can book desks, rooms, parking spots, and other resources with ease. Moreover, Tribeloo seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Google, allowing employees to book spaces directly from their personal calendars. The platform also enables users to see who is in the office at a specific time and day and where they are sitting.

Additionally, admins can define site-specific rules to support hybrid work policies and actively manage the workplace experience. Tribeloo aims to facilitate agile teams coming together at the office, increase space utilization, and reduce costs.


Proxyclick provides hot desk management as part of their workplace management solutions. They offer a desk booking system that allows employees to book hot desks in the workspace, also known as “desk hoteling”. This feature helps organizations create a safe and efficient hybrid workplace by implementing health questionnaires, capacity limits, contact tracing, and tracking everyone coming in and out Proxyclick’s desk booking software can help organizations manage hot desks effectively.


Tactic ensures that a hot desk management task is as easy as it can ever be. With the use of interactive maps that exchange information in real time, team members may reserve desks based on availability and observe who is in the workplace. Reservations for desks and meeting rooms can be made in advance by employees, thus reducing the unnecessary workload for your admin team.


SwipedOn Desks gives you complete control and real-time visibility over which desks and spaces are available for employees to book and use when they are on-site. Their solution allows businesses of any size to implement a desk booking strategy and manage shared desk spaces from a central application.


WorkInSync is a software solution that streamlines office operations for different stakeholders. Its purpose is to facilitate the adoption of hybrid workplaces while enhancing the employee experience. WorkInSync offers two types of desk booking solutions: hoteling and hot desking. Hoteling allows employees to reserve specific desks for an extended period, while hot desking allows them to book desks on a first-come, first-serve basis.


OfficeSpace is a comprehensive workplace management platform that enables teams to efficiently manage hybrid work, re-open offices, and manage flexible working arrangements. It delivers a top-notch employee experience through its integrated platform and exceptional support. With OfficeSpace, you can enjoy features such as bookable desks, real estate savings, and the ability to locate and connect with coworkers. It also offers intuitive space planning, desk and room booking, visitor management, employee wayfinding, and real-time insights to inform workplace experience design.


OfficeRnD has developed a software named OfficeRnD Hybrid, which allows companies to implement hot desking and office hoteling for their employees. The software helps companies increase employee engagement and save real estate costs. By automating desk booking and other shared resources like meeting rooms, companies can optimize office footprint and costs. The software also provides a user-friendly interactive map for booking rooms and desks with just a few clicks. Additionally, the platform offers workplace analytics to help companies analyze their workspace and make informed decisions.

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Eden is a comprehensive SaaS platform built to help Workplace, People Operations, and IT teams work wonders. The solution offers user-friendly workplace experience tools designed with the employee experience and new world of work in mind.

The product suite includes Room Scheduling, Desk Booking, Visitor Management, Internal Ticketing, and Deliveries. Eden’s tools allow teams to consolidate all workplace experience needs into one integrated platform, creating a delightful, simplified employee experience.


Deskbird is a hot desking app and workplace management system designed for hybrid companies. It simplifies office management by allowing employees to book desks, rooms, and other resources with just a few clicks.

Deskbird offers various features and integrations to enhance the hot desking experience. Some of these features include health policy reviews before checking in, check-ins via QR codes, incognito bookings for anonymous trips to the office, space utilization data tracking, assigning specific zones to teams, and limiting access to essential areas when necessary. Deskbird also integrates with HR systems, calendar programs, communication tools, active directory systems, and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.


The Condeco booking system makes it easy to hot desk by selecting and booking a workspace. Condeco workspace booking software is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that allows you to book and manage desks, parking spaces and lockers. It can also help you find colleagues in the office.

Condeco also offers cloud-based meeting space booking to take all the stress out of finding free meeting rooms, which can even be managed through Outlook.

Wrap Up

Advanced desk booking apps can be a powerful tool for businesses, allowing them not only enhance employee experience, but to streamline workplace management and optimize their offic resources. The above listed desk booking systems are the most reliable ones in the market, so you may use this as a suggestion on where to start.

Desk booking can be optimized with Acall’s complete solution thanks to its user-friendly interface and smooth integrations with your existing systems. Contact Acall now to enjoy the advantages of the effective office desk booking system.

1. What are the most important features to look for in an office desk booking system?

When searching for an office desk booking system, it’s essential to prioritize capabilities that align with your business’s specific needs. Look for systems that offer robust customization options to tailor the booking experience, intuitive ease of use to encourage employee adoption, seamless integration with existing workplace tools, and a pricing structure that fits your budget while delivering the necessary functionality.

2. Can small businesses benefit from advanced desk booking systems?

Absolutely. Advanced desk booking systems are designed to scale with businesses of all sizes. They offer features that can streamline booking processes, improve space utilization, and enhance employee flexibility, which can benefit small businesses as large corporations. The key is choosing a system that balances advanced features and cost-effectiveness for your business’s size and budget.

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