What is business access control

Everything You Should Know About Business Access Control

Running a successful business involves various tasks, from overseeing day-to-day operations to coordinating staff. Additionally, you need to ensure the security of your building to safeguard employees, visitors, and assets. Fortunately, the right technology can simplify these responsibilities. One effective solution is a business access control system, which allows you to regulate entry into your commercial building. What is business access control?

If you are considering installing an access control system for your business, it is important to explore the available options and determine the most suitable system for your needs. Let’s discover essential things you need to know about business access control!

What Is Business Access Control?

Business access control refers to the methods that businesses use to manage property security and keep their employees safe. The devices used for business access control can be keypads, smart locks, and intercoms.

In fact, the employees are not only people who need access to your building, but there are also delivery drivers, job applicants, and service providers needing entry. Implementing a business access control system ensures the smooth operation of your business. It works by allowing everyone to perform their jobs efficiently.

Robust access control systems will ensure the safety of employees, guests, and sensitive information for businesses of all sizes. Investing in an effective physical access control system is very beneficial, including:

  • Administrators can quickly control who can access specific parts of the building.
  • Business access control systems enhance security by allowing only authorized individuals to enter the building and its designated areas. Some systems even keep a digital log of door openings for added security.
  • The right business access control system streamlines administrative tasks, giving staff more time to focus on other responsibilities.
  • Video intercoms enable you to control access at the main entrance by visually identifying visitors and facilitating two-way communication. This method makes it easy to verify deliveries and visitors, such as vendors or job applicants.
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How Do You Select A Suitable Access Control System?

Assess Security Needs and Risks

The first step in selecting an access control system for your company is to conduct a thorough assessment of your security needs and risks, taking into account the size of your premises, the number of employees, the sensitivity of the areas you wish to secure, and previous security incidents. This assessment will help you determine the level of security required and the features to prioritize in an access control system.

Understand the Different Types of Access Control Systems

Here are five types of business access control systems that are worth considering:

  • Key fobs and key cards

Key card and key fob systems are commonly used for interior entryways. Staff and guests can scan their cards or fobs at the system’s reader to gain access to specific areas. However, one disadvantage is that these cards and fobs need to be distributed and replaced if lost or damaged. 

Otherwise, other sustainable options available are biodegradable key cards that use less plastic.

  • Keypads

Keypads allow staff to enter a PIN to gain entry. Furthermore, cloud-based keypads offer remote access permission management through a web-based dashboard. Some keypads even come with a mobile app with a touchless and hygienic alternative for staff to open doors.

  • Cloud-based access control

Cloud-based systems facilitate remote access permissions and allow businesses to manage access control remotely from any device. Managers or executives can log into a web-based dashboard to control access permissions and add employees. 

As a result, these systems eliminate the need for an onsite server, providing flexibility for businesses with hybrid work environments or multiple locations. Additionally, they offer sophisticated data-logging technology for tracking entry and exit information.

  • Mobile access control
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Mobile access control makes the use of smartphones for entry, so it is a touchless and cost-effective alternative to key cards and fobs. Employees can use their smartphones as access credentials. In addition, some systems can be paired with tablets, smartwatches, and other smart devices, so employees can choose their preferred mobile access method.

  • Video intercoms

Video intercoms are an effective way to control access at a building’s front entrance. They allow administrators to visually identify individuals requesting entry. Wireless video intercoms that pair with a mobile app are particularly convenient for flexibility and ease of use.

Consider Integration with Other Systems

If you have existing security or management systems in place, it is important to consider how the access control system will integrate with them. For example, integrating the access control system with an alarm system or CCTV cameras can provide a more comprehensive security solution. Integrating with a comprehensive management platform like Acall can streamline operations while obtaining centralized control over various aspects of your business.

Evaluate Vendor Reputation and Support

When choosing an access control system vendor, don’t forget to assess their reputation and the level of support they offer. You should look for vendors with a track record of delivering reliable and high-quality systems. At the same time, read reviews, seek recommendations, and ask for references. Additionally, to figure out the best partner, consider the vendor’s customer support services to assist with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Analyze Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of access control systems can vary from a few thousand to several thousand dollars, depending on the type of system you choose. For example, if you opt for a video intercom system to control access at the front entrance of your building, it will cost more than a simple keypad system to access a single room within the building.

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Additionally, the installation costs of access control systems are different with each other based on the installer you hire and the existing infrastructure of your building. Selecting a certified installer to provide you with an accurate and reliable quote for the installation process is recommended.


Implementing a business access control system is essential for maintaining the security and efficiency of your commercial building. By carefully assessing your security needs, considering integration with other systems, and evaluating reputable vendors, you will likely select the right access control solution for your business. 

What is business access control? You now know the answer. If you are ready to take the next step and enhance your building’s security, contact Acall to learn more about our comprehensive management platform and how we can streamline your access control system. 

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