What is an example of remote work

10 Remote Work Examples For Your Inspiration

According to the Mercer Survey, almost 70% of companies plan to work remotely. In fact, fully remote companies faced challenges initially, but after almost two years of the ongoing pandemic, many of them are obtaining certain success with remote work practices.

You may have questions about these successful companies: What is an example of remote work? Who are they? And why are they successful? These questions are important when you are considering expanding your business with virtual assistants and building a remote team.

Let’s start by exploring the companies that have successfully embraced remote work.

What Does Remote Work Mean?

Remote work has become a popular way to carry out work outside of a traditional office setting. Instead of being confined to a physical workspace, remote workers can work from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Therefore, this concept facilitates a better work-life balance. And it has gained its popularity due to advancements in communication technology.

Numerous industries have embraced remote work successfully, including technology, customer service, marketing, writing, and design. With the right tools and infrastructure, professionals in these fields can collaborate effectively without being physically present in a central office.

To facilitate remote work, various technologies have emerged as essential tools. These technologies include project management software, video conferencing platforms, cloud storage solutions, and instant messaging applications. One such technology is the Acall system. 

With Acall, your teams can collaborate effectively, whether they work remotely or in the office. Additionally, Acall provides real-time usage data to help you optimize your workspace and make the most out of your real estate. By utilizing Acall, you empower your teams to succeed in a hybrid work environment.

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10 Real-life Remote Work Examples For Your Inspiration

What is an example of remote work? There are actually a good number of successful companies, but here are the best 10 examples that our experts would always refer to.


Dell, a leading global technology company, a few years ago made its ambitious plan to operate with 50% remote capacity by 2020. They even introduced the “Connected Workplace” program to facilitate remote work. 

Mohammed Chahdi, Dell’s Director of Human Resources, highlighted the importance of the flex-work program in incorporating remote and flexible work into their overall business strategy. This program has played a significant role in enabling Dell to successfully embrace remote work and adapt to changing work dynamics.


Are you familiar with the name? But Automattic is actually one of the top remote companies out there. And their success in remote work can be attributed to their exceptional creation, WordPress. 

With over 1100 employees located in 77 cities, Automattic operates on a massive scale. Their remarkable success should originate from the tireless efforts of their dedicated team.


Did you know that Zapier was started by three friends working from home but having trouble coordinating their schedules? They decided to work independently but still wanted to collaborate effectively, so they held remote meetings. 

And that effort worked out extremely successfully! Their remote collaboration became so successful that Zapier grew into a full-fledged business with over 2000 integrations. Now, millions of professionals use Zapier to streamline their workflows and get things done faster.


If you reside in the United States and enjoy attending local cultural events, you might get familiar with Eventbrite, a popular ticketing and event management platform. This website allows users to reserve seats for events, both online and in-person while providing tools to discover, promote, and create local events. 

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According to Patrick Poels, Senior Vice President of Eventbrite, the company started with a small team conducting thorough research, and they identified Mendoza, Argentina, as a talent market. 


Doist stands out as a highly successful business that has made a remarkable mark with its remote work systems. The company is best known for its widely popular apps like Twist and Todoist.

With a motto of “Built by remote workers, for remote workers,” Doist operates through remote teams and develops work resources and apps catered to telecommuting professionals. It’s impressive to see that this organization is effectively managed by a small team of only 68 employees located in 25 countries.


GitLab is a global leader in remote work, operating in over 65 countries with a team of over 1,500 members. GitLab provides a collaboration tool that enables effective teamwork regardless of geographical location or time zone.

The company was originally designed for software developers to collaborate on coding and packaging, but GitLab has transformed into a versatile platform with diverse capabilities. Today, professionals from various companies and industries worldwide can partner with GitLab to streamline their work processes and foster collaboration.


Buffer excels at striking the balance between productivity and burnout. Much like other remote teams, the team at Buffer heavily relies on instant messaging as a means of communication and sharing updates.

However, the findings from Buffer’s own research reveal that 18% of remote workers struggle to disconnect from work. To address this concern, Buffer has implemented a set of 10 “agreements” that establish clear expectations to help employees find an equilibrium between productivity and the risk of burnout. 

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InVision strongly believes in their employees’ ability to create incredible work while working from home. As a fully remote company, InVision is dedicated to providing the best experience for both their employees and clients. They understand the potential and advantages of remote work, so they strive to create an environment where everyone can excel and contribute to their fullest potential.


Groove focuses on hiring individuals who are quick to respond. According to the company, the success of a remote team often hinges on identifying the right candidates during the hiring process.

When evaluating potential hires, Groove prefers those with previous experience working in remote teams or running their own businesses. This is because remote workers possess the essential qualities of self-motivation and the ability to work independently.


Hotjar has successfully embraced virtual team-building activities. With a distributed team of over 100 employees, the company prioritizes fostering personal connections among its members.

Hotjar implements many engaging icebreakers and team-building exercises through video or conferencing software. These activities include “10 things about you” sessions during onboarding, where employees share fun facts and intriguing stories to initiate conversations. They also organize coffee sessions and brief 15-minute meetings where team members present things they have recently learned, such as email organization tips or desk stretches. 

Wrapping Up

What is an example of remote work? These 10 remote work examples have shown how organizations have successfully embraced remote work. From fully remote companies to remote-friendly ones, they highlight the importance of communication, self-motivation, and team culture.

If you are looking to improve your remote work setup and support your team, consider checking out Acall for remote work supporting software. These examples remind us that remote work is possible and can lead to great outcomes with the right strategies and support. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo!

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