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Voyager worldwide

Voyager Worldwide: Transforming desk and meeting room reservation system for members

Voyager Worldwide is the trusted navigation services and solutions provider to keep vessels safe and compliant.

We met with the People, Culture & Workplace team at Voyager Worldwide and interviewed the Director, Ms. Sharon Pock.

  • Why Acall?

If it is just a system to book meeting rooms by internal employees, we could use Microsoft Outlook Calendar. But as we were setting up the Voyager Living Lab (a collaboration space for the maritime community to come together to develop and test new solutions as well as to host innovation-related meetings and workshops), we needed a meeting booking system that could be a tool that external partners or parties could use.

We sourced from a few vendors and found Acall the most straightforward and user-friendly. There was no mandate to use proprietary display hardware to install in the meeting rooms and integrate with the room locks.

Interview with Voyager Worldwide's Director

  • How does Acall system benefit the organization?

After the pandemic, more people are coming back to the office, and hence the use of meeting rooms has increased. With the booking system in place, people are more aware of our guideline of ‘whoever books it has a right to use’. They could try to walk in while the room is vacant, but they would have to give it up to someone who has already booked. We could manage our meeting room usage more efficiently.

  • How has the feedback been from your members?

The app is straightforward and not complicated.

  • How many percent of your workforce are doing hybrid work now? How has the hybrid model been working for your organization?
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About 60%. Our guidelines are 3 days a week in the office. Our line managers decide on the exact hybrid work plan and manage their own scheduling for their team.

Voyager Worldwide's office

Besides the Acall meeting room booking system, Voyager Worldwide has also implemented Acall’s hot desk booking system.

Members scan QR code to check in their desks

Check-in for the reserved seat is simply done by scanning the QR code placed on the desk.

Members easily reserve a meeting room on Acall mobile

Even the CEO’s desk is open for booking when he is out of office. An example of workspace optimization is led by the leader of the organization!

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