Hot Desk System

Equip your employees with the game-changing flexibility they need to perform at their best with Acall's Hot Desk System. Our innovative solution fosters seamless teamwork and heightened productivity, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

Introduce the next-level of effortless seat reservation with Acall

Give everyone you work with — inside and outside your
company — a more productive way to stay in sync.
Locate people quickly with facial photos

Easily locate and direct people to available seats
on Acall’s intuitive UI and real-time floor occupancy.

Provide multiple ways for spot check-in

Allow employees to instantly reserve spots via
Acall Desktop, Acall Mobile, or on-site kiosk.

Manage using your own floor maps

Upload your existing floor maps and help people
navigate the office efficiently.


Empower your team with
an intuitive desk booking system

Acall Spot Check-in helps your employees to instantly find their favorite spots, ensuring a successful workday ahead.

Reduce administrative friction with on the spot reservation for instant use

Skip the wait and dive straight into productivity. With Acall, employees can reserve a desk instantly, eliminating the hassles of pre-booking and admin delays.

Streamline bookings with a dedicated self check-in kiosk interface

Embrace a touchpoint of convenience. Our dedicated self check-in kiosk user interface ensures that securing a desk is as easy as a tap, making the booking process seamless and efficient.

Maximize office resources with auto-release from no-shows

No more wasted spaces. If someone doesn’t show up for their reserved spot, Acall's system automatically releases the desk, ensuring optimal utilization of your office resources.

Stay updated on floor occupancy with dynamic live maps

Visibility at a glance. With Acall's dynamic live maps, you can monitor real-time floor occupancy, ensuring you're always in the know about your workspace dynamics.

Everything you need for
seamless desk booking is right here

Permanent Desk

Assign permanent seats to employees when they are on-site

Workspace Map

Help members quickly reserve seats with a real-time map

Desk Hoteling

Allow employees to reserve a desk for an hour, day, or week

Acall Mobile App

Manage and book seats from anywhere with Acall Mobile


Mark specific areas where teammates may sit together.

Desk Analytics

Optimize space usage with valuable insights

Drive workplace excellence with powerful integration


Learn how Kanmo Group improves desk booking with Acall

Discover how Kanmo Group transformed their workplace with Acall, overcoming desk shortages during the pandemic. Seamlessly book and check-in for seats, whether in the office or remotely, with a user-friendly system that enhances flexibility and efficiency.

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