Desk Booking System

Grow your business, not office space

Seats running low as your team grows?

Acall's desk booking software helps hybrid companies manage seat occupancy and keep real estate costs down. Teams can easily reserve seats in advance or on-demand with real-time office occupancy updates. See where and when your team works—remotely or in person—with three easy check-in options.

Increasing headcount? Seat shortage a problem?

Organisational growth is always welcome, but the logistics of moving to a bigger space aren't. But what if—just imagine—you could keep the office space you love while keeping costs low?

Your business may grow, but your office space doesn't have to

Post-pandemic, 37% of global organizations plan to use flexible workspaces to cut costs and boost employee engagement in a hybrid model. Free up seats with auto-cancellation or choose local check-ins with QR scanning.

Your team should focus on teamwork, not seatwork

Free your back office teams from the burden of ensuring sufficient seats company-wide. With Acall, employees can reserve their own seats and choose the best time to come to the office based on real-time occupancy updates.

Get insights into space utilisation from check-in data

Are there places in your office that seem to be well-loved?


Peace of mind for your teams, reduced costs for your business with desk booking

Your employees no longer have to scurry around looking for seats. The bonus? You get to maintain the same office size, even as your workforce grows.

Reserve seats on-the-go

Need to head to the office in the afternoon to clock in some work? Reserve seats easily with the Acall Mobile app.

Reduce no-shows with auto cancellation

Instill confidence in your hot desking policy with auto-cancellation to manage no-shows effectively. Set a window of up to 120 minutes for seat reservations to be automatically cancelled if the occupant fails to show up.

4 easy ways to check-in

Prefer local check-ins to confirm occupancy? Or WiFi check-ins for peace of mind? Checking in is a breeze with four easy options: QR scanning, tablet, WiFi, or desktop check-ins. For those ready to take things to the next level, IoT or sensor integration is also available.

Real-time office occupancy

One of the challenges of hot desking is poor visibility of seating options, leading employees to always fall back on familiar workstations. With our handy dashboard, view occupancy across the entire office (or even building) at a glance.

The quintessential support for your hot desking policy

Mobile or desktop reservation

Reserve a seat from your desk or on-the-go

Onsite check-in options

Enable QR scanning or WiFi for mandatory local check-ins

User permissions

Control who can view, reserve or manage workspaces within your organisation

Multi-spot reservation

Allow teams to reserve seats in bulk

Seat availability

View availability using a timeline or floor plan view

Check-In data

Gain insights into space usage

Integrated with your everyday tools

Acall supports the hot desking policies of leading hybrid companies

Discover how KOKUYO maintained a seat occupancy of 60% for their 360-employee-strong office with Acall desk booking.

Desk booking tool to support your hot desking and hoteling

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