What is an example of remote work

10 Remote Work Examples For Your Inspiration

According to the Mercer Survey, almost 70% of companies plan to work remotely. In fact, fully remote companies faced challenges initially, but after almost two years of the ongoing pandemic, many of them are obtaining certain success with remote work practices. You may have questions about these successful companies: What

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8 Innovative Ideas To Upgrade Your Conference Room

In the world of modern business, the conference room plays a central role in making critical decisions, nurturing partnerships, and fostering innovative ideas. Therefore, businesses must equip these collaborative spaces with the right tools and atmosphere to promote productivity and creativity. So, how do you upgrade your conference room? In

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office desk booking system

Top 15 Office Desk Booking System In 2024

The days of having a fixed office and having staff members work nine to five every day of the week are over. Welcome to the age of hybrid remote work. In the office, hybrid models are currently more prevalent than full-time models. Thanks to hot desk booking software, hybrid office

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Office space utilization software

Top 10 Office Space Utilization Software For Businesses In 2024

Navigating the market for office space utilization software can be overwhelming with so many options available. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate each option to find the best fit for your organization’s needs. In this article, we will present the top office space management software, helping you make your decision

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workplace data

5 Ways Workplace Data Can Help Transform Your Operation

Unlocking the potential of workplace data can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to thrive in a competitive environment. By intelligently gathering and analyzing the data generated within your workplace, you have the power to streamline operations, boost employee satisfaction, and significantly enhance productivity. This article delves into the various

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employee retention

10 Employee Retention Strategies For Your Business In 2024

In today’s competitive world, businesses are continually striving to attract and retain top talent to ensure long-term success. This is especially critical for Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where businesses are heavily investing in talent acquisition. The primary focus for companies is to build a team

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celebrating diversity in the workplace

Celebrating Diversity In The Workplace – 8 Ways To Do It Right

Diversity is not simply a keyword in the mosaic of today’s workplace; it is essential to innovation, creativity, and organizational success. In addition to being the right thing to do, embracing and celebrating diversity in the workplace is a calculated decision that promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment. In order

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barriers to diversity in the workplace

How To Overcome The 5 Most Common Barriers To Diversity In The Workplace

Diversity is now standard in the majority of organizations. Businesses can communicate with clients and customers worldwide thanks to new technology. The corporate world is internally realizing the advantages of diversity, such as its abundance of information, experience, and viewpoints. We may encourage creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving, and insight by appreciating

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top 10 employee benefits

Top 10 Employee Benefits You Can Offer In A Hybrid Work Environment

In the ever-changing world of work, where remote and in-office work are combined in hybrid settings, it’s essential to provide employee benefits that will attract and retain staff. By adding more suitable benefits, you are likely to stand out in recruitment competition, especially in fierce markets like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia,

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employee benefit tools

10 Employee Benefit Tools To Transform Workplace Experience

The strategic process of managing the different benefits, incentives, and support systems that a corporation provides to its employees is known as employee benefit management. A technology-based solution, an employee benefit tool offers a consolidated platform for HR professionals and employees to efficiently manage, access, and optimize their benefits. It

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