SmartNews: Constantly enhancing communication between global offices

SmartNews Inc. develops and operates “SmartNews,” a news application, and other Internet services. We interviewed them about their motivation for introducing Acall, their efforts to recruit global human resources actively, and facilitating communication with their many overseas offices. Acall was the best in terms of UI In the past, the

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Sansan: Innovating the way we work

With the mission of “Turning Encounters into Innovation,” Sansan, Inc. provides cloud service for business card management “Sansan” and “Eight.” We also asked them about their thoughts on office design and their efforts to “innovate the way we work.” We wanted to create a space without walls, where people can

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KOKUYO: Promoting a new way of working at THE CAMPUS office

KOKUYO’s new office, THE CAMPUS, is also open to customers and local residents. We interviewed KOKUYO about the use of Acall in their advanced workplace with the idea of ABW (activity-based working), incorporating hot-desking and meeting space check-ins. KOKUYO is using many features of Acall, such as the hot-desking function

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SmartHR: Elevating visitor experience with an automated reception

SmartHR, a company that provides “SmartHR,” cloud-based software that makes HR and personnel labor management easy, changed its conference room and reception system when the company relocated due to its rapid growth. Acall has a very modern UI. Our president said, “It’s so cool!” The reason was the relocation of

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Kanmo Group

Kanmo Group: Embracing the emerging pattern of hybrid working

Formed in 2005, as the partner of leading retail brands from around the world, Kanmo Group occupies a leadership position within several market segments in Indonesia. Operating across retail, wholesale, online, and travel retail channels, Kanmo Group has positioned itself as an omnichannel operator, serving tens of thousands of customers

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KOKUYO Umeda office

KOKUYO: Leveraging hot desking to transform new office in Umeda

In addition to THE CAMPUS in Shinagawa, Tokyo, KOKUYO introduced the Acall hoteling (seat reservation) at its Umeda office in Osaka. What has become more convenient for them by introducing Acall while operating a free-address office system already? We asked about their office operations under COVID-19 and their experiences on

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Hankyu Hanshim GVH5

Hankyu Hanshin: Building a thriving community hub

GVH#5, a members-only workplace operated by Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. in the Umeda area of Osaka, provides an ideal workplace for startups based in the Kansai region and functions as a community where they can meet business partners. We asked them how they use Acall at GVH #5, which provides

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