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10 Practices To Support Digital Signage Employee Communication

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the global pandemic has caused significant disruptions, making effective internal communication more vital than ever before. Such changes are even more apparent in SEA countries, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

However, employees’ preferences for consuming information have shifted. They now expect more from their companies beyond traditional methods like newsletters, emails, and instant messaging. This is where digital signage employee communication comes in. Implementing digital signage can enhance employee communication, resulting in improved collaboration, engagement, productivity, and ultimately, a positive impact on your bottom line.

To help you leverage digital signage, we have compiled a list of the top ten ways you can use it to communicate with your employees.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a modern form of signage that uses digital screens to display information, messages, or content instead of traditional printed posters or billboards. In today’s workplace, digital signage has become increasingly important due to its numerous advantages.

By combining digital signage with software tools like communication platforms and workplace management systems, businesses can optimize collaboration and streamline their operations. For instance, integrating Acall software with digital signage enables seamless communication and enhances overall efficiency.

The effectiveness of digital signage is evident from its wide adoption in the business world. A staggering 50% of professionals consider digital signage to be an effective communication channel. Moreover, an impressive 80% of businesses that have embraced digital signage have experienced significant sales growth.

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While digital signage is often associated with commercial advertising, the fundamental principles of effective communication remain unchanged, regardless of the target audience.

10 Practices To Enhance Digital Signage Employee Communication

On-demand information

Improve the flow of information to your employees by strategically placing digital signage in high-traffic areas throughout your building. These areas include the lobby, employee break room, cafeteria, and other frequented spots.

To grab your employees’ attention, make sure to include a variety of interesting content such as company news, traffic reports, and even social media updates.

Acknowledge employee accomplishments

Just by recognizing someone’s accomplishments, you can make a big difference in their motivation and how well they perform at work.

That is why it is really important to acknowledge your employees. Digital signage is a great way to celebrate their achievements and showcase their hard work. While rewards are motivating, receiving praise from their colleagues is just as valuable to employees.

Display welcome messages

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is important for everyone, including your employees. Using digital signage, you can make new hires feel valued by displaying a warm welcome message on their first day.

This gesture not only helps ease their nerves but also sets a positive tone for their employee journey. To add a personal touch, customize the welcome message for each employee, including their contact details and name. This way, they will feel appreciated from the start.

Company performance dashboard

Utilizing digital signage employee communication to share your company’s performance dashboard is a valuable method of keeping your staff informed about the organization’s current performance.

When the company is doing well, it provides an opportunity for celebration and recognition. Conversely, if there are areas for improvement, it presents a challenge for your team to strive toward meeting specific performance metrics.

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Act as a social media wall

A social wall is a collection of social media posts from various networks associated with your company. It serves as a centralized platform to showcase all your social media content.

By linking your social media accounts, you can display your posts in a unified feed using a social wall.

Additionally, a social media wall allows you to focus on specific subjects by utilizing hashtags and account names. This enables you to display content related to particular topics that you want to share with your employees at any given time.

Recognize the company’s milestones

Recognizing workplace milestones, such as the completion of a major project or securing a new client, is a meaningful way to show your team that their efforts are valued.

When important milestones are achieved, you can express celebration by sharing the news with employees through digital screens.

Digital newsletter

Traditional company newsletters tend to have low average click rates among employees. However, utilizing digital content on display signage monitors effectively conveys the information from newsletters to your employees.

By presenting smaller and more digestible chunks of content on the digital displays, it becomes easier for employees to comprehend the information being shared. This ensures that important messages are well conveyed.

Connect offices at multiple locations

For multinational companies with offices in various locations, digital signage employee communication offers a valuable means of connecting with one another.

It presents a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and knowledge across your global network, ensuring everyone remains engaged.

Play training/ onboarding videos

Corporate digital signage enables you to conduct training programs seamlessly, eliminating the need for employees to move from their cubicles to dedicated training rooms.

Through digital signage, you can play training videos or facilitate live interactions with professionals. This means employees will not have to carve out separate time from their work schedules to attend training sessions. They can acquire new skills while simultaneously carrying out their regular tasks.

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Show employee training programs

To effectively communicate the work perks and employee benefits program to your employees, consider implementing a digital signage solution.

By displaying the details of the employee benefit programs on the digital screens, you generate interest and make employees aware of their importance. This helps them recognize the value placed on their well-being. If employees find beneficial offerings to enhance their professional, financial, or personal lives, they get motivated to sign up and take advantage of the programs.

Wrap Up

Digital signage presents numerous untapped opportunities for businesses to explore.

While traditional methods of communication still hold value, the interactive nature of digital displays offers a fresh approach. As businesses evolve, their strategies should adapt accordingly. Opting for digital signage enables strong employee engagement to transform what was once seen as an unattainable goal into an innovative solution that fosters deeper connections with employees.

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1. How do flexible work arrangements enhance employee engagement?

Flexible work arrangements allow employees to tailor their work schedules to fit their personal lives better, which can lead to improved work-life balance, reduced stress, and a greater sense of control and satisfaction with their work, thereby enhancing engagement.

2. Can learning and development opportunities truly impact engagement levels?

Yes, providing learning and development opportunities shows employees that the company is invested in their growth, which can lead to increased loyalty, motivation to excel, and engagement with the company’s goals and values.

3. Why is continuous feedback and coaching important for maintaining engagement?

Continuous feedback and coaching ensure employees know how they are performing and what is expected of them. This ongoing communication helps employees feel supported and valued, and it can motivate them to improve and stay engaged with their work.

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